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  • Advantages of Starting a Business at Home

    There are mainly three places where you can start your business. These are leased space, virtual office and your home. Leased site is where you rent a room or building to start your business. You use virtual office when doing online jobs. Online jobs do not require a certain location. You can do it anywhere if you have computer and internet connection. You can take your office anywhere. You will have flexible working place.

    You can use your home for starting a business if you have ample space. Most small businesses are started at home. This is because it involves less cost and is free of hassles.  There a number of advantages of starting a business at home. In the following section we are going to see the advantages of starting a business at home.  

    Friendly Environment: Your home is the place where you spent most of your time. You like staying at home because your home is more or less equipped with the necessary resources. You get comfort in doing a business at home as same is environmentally friendly.

    Family Time:  When starting your business at home you will get more time for your family. You will be in close contact with your kids as there is no distance between your home and work. By doing at home you will have the opportunity to take care those who need your help. You will also have enough time for your personal issues.

    Proximity: There is no place gap between your work and home. You are free to contact your family at any time due to short physical proximity. This gives you comfort for child care and elderly care. You will be easily accessible to your kids when working at home.

    Business Attire: You do not need to have formal office clothing. This saves money on clothing and dry cleaning. When you work at home you are free to wear anything you like.

    Cost Saving:You will also spend less for automotive maintenance and spare part. You also save cost for fuel, car wear and tear, road taxes and parking fee. This is because of there is no or less travel to work.

    Stress Free: When working at home you will have less stress. This is because your work does not require travel. If you do not travel then you will not have traffic stress and tiredness even before starting your work.

    Improved Health: You will have enhanced health by working at home. This is because you eliminate the stress and tiredness that arise due to long travel. You will get improved mental and physical health by working at home.

    Working Hours: When you start a business at your home you are free to work long hours. You can do even in the late evening. You will not have any travel problem in the evening. You just can go to your bed when you are tired.

    Proper Eating: When working at home you will eat at your home. You will have healthy eating. Eating proper diet will make you free from diseases. If you are free from diseases you will save your medical expenses.

    Watch Your Home: When starting a business at home you will have the opportunity to look at your home. You do not need to employee anybody to care your premise.

    Concentration: Your home is quieter than the downtown. In downtown there are many people working in one building or place. There will be huge chaos when working at crowded place. This will diminish your concentration and focus and in turn your productivity. By working at home you will have full concentration and focus. This will result in increased productivity.

    Less Investment: When starting a business at home you will require less investment than doing in a leased site. This is because you will not have office rent expense. In addition to this you may not require additional office furniture as you are going to use your personal items.

    Long Travel: There will not be any long travel when working at home. This will save your time and travel expense. You will not face any traffic problem.

    Work-Home Balance: Working at home gives you the benefits of work-life balance.  

    Increased Productivity: You will have increased productivity due to less travel and stress. You will not have tiredness due to long travel. You do not waste your time for traveling.

    Therefore, consider the above points as advantage when starting a business at your home.

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  • Starting a Business at Home

    Sometimes you may need to lease office if there is no enough space in your home. In some cases if your space requirement is minimal then you can work from your home. Working at home; when starting a business is useful in a number of ways. Working at home is cheaper than leasing an office. If your business fails you may not lose that much. Choosing a home office for starting a business is not simple. You need to consider a number of   factors when deciding to work at home than renting an office. Here below are the issues you need to consider when deciding to work at home.

    Discipline: If there is something that disturbs your attention you have to avoid it. You need to focus on your work. There should not be anything that tempts you to do other things around. You need to have the necessary discipline to work at home.

    Disturbance: Make sure you do not have interruption while working at home. The disturbance might be from family, friends, TV, radio etc. There should be separate room to carry out your activities without distraction.

    Customers: When working at home your customers must be willing to come to your home. Your home should be convenient for customers visit.

    Parking: You should have enough parking space around your home. Customers will not be willing to visit your location if there is no parking space.

    Space: There should be enough space within the room you are working with. Enough room is required for working conveniently, handling customers, for storage etc.

    Location: Your home must be well located for the business you are going to start. There should be convenient for market.

    Market: Though working at home is cheap there must be market to trade your products and services. Check the availability of market while deciding to work at your home.

    Employees: You may be required to employee additional staff. When you work at your home you need to check the availability of space for additional employees.

    Restrictions: There might be some restriction or laws when working at home. Check this rules and laws. You should have the permission to work at home. If there is no permission you have to see other options.

    When starting a business at your home you need to consider the above points. Make sure these and other related points are taken in to account while starting your business at home.

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  • Roles of Entrepreneurs as Employer

    Annually there are great numbers of tasks disappearing due to anticipated or unanticipated life of businesses. Generally business life consists of birth, growth, maturity and death at the end. The brand-new tasks that switch out the vanished ones are coming from:

    • Growth of existing small business

    • New business start-ups

    • And company move.

    Entrepreneurs play vital roles in small business in generating job opportunities. Let us look at some of the roles played by entrepreneurs as employer:

    • Represent major part of all employer businesses

    • Employ almost half of all private-sector employees

    • Generate new jobs annually in various fields

    • Employees from daily laborer to professional one

    • Could be done as home-based business

    The above roles are carried out by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs play vital roles in overall job creation and economic development. Entrepreneurs are business leader that promote financial growth and advancement of businesses via looking ideas and placing them in to action. Entrepreneurship is one of the most vital devices in the progress of a person or a nation. Entrepreneurial capacity of entrepreneurs performs an impressive means to ignite the overall business missions.

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  • Communication Skills of Entrepreneurs

    All human being interactions are a form of communication. Business is all about dealing with people about products, services, and so on.  Communication or interpersonal skill is vital to sell your business successfully. Whether you are dealing with your customers, suppliers or employees strong communication skills are essential. Communication skills are the keys to make relationship successful and in turn leads business to success. Successful entrepreneurs have strong communication skills.

    Understanding Communication Skills

    You have to note the following points about entrepreneurs communication skills.

    Communication skills are:

    • Influencing  people through discussion
    • Making persons to think  and act your way
    • The ability to convince people
    • The ability to understand and express ideas
    • The art of well-versed  speaking
    • The capability of careful listening
    • Using  full communication potential
    • Using proper channel of communication
    • Making  convincing arguments
    • Offering clear explanations of difficult issues
    • Presenting ideas in a rational and integrated way
    • To have strong and pleasing voice
    • The ability to manage questions well
    • To read and hold attention of others
    • The ability to show  honesty characters

    By understanding the above entrepreneurs communication skills you can develop the ability to express yourself and your business. It assists you to understand others so that ideas can be shared among your business partners. As an entrepreneur you are expected to develop your overall communication skills.

    Developing  Communication Skills

    As an entrepreneur you can develop communication skills like successful entrepreneurs . You can develop communication skills if you:

    • Are able to have convincing ability
    • Carefully listen to what others say
    • Clearly explain difficult subject
    • Develop ability to listen and hear
    • Develop pleasing and strong voice
    • Develop the ability to read others
    • Handle questions carefully
    • Hold the  attention of others
    • Influence others while you are talking
    • Speak  with clear accent
    • Take advantage of all available tools
    • Understand and express your ideas clearly

    Therefore, using the above key points  you can develop  communication skills.

    Tips on Communication skills:

    • Communication is the art and process of making and sharing ideas. Effective communication depends on the richness of those ideas.
    • Communication skills are the devices that we use to eliminate blockages to effective communication.
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