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  • Innovation by Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are individuals who change the world through invention and innovation. Invention and innovation make new or existing things with added value where there are potential markets. Entrepreneurs change problems and risks in to opportunities and final products. They also have the abilities to overcome difficulties that would hamper many people.

    Innovation of changes started by Entrepreneurs

    This is the advancement of modifications launched by entrepreneurs which include the following:

    1. Initial Project

    • New environment-friendly or Eco-friendly task and manufacturing of goods

    2. Expansion of the Project

    • Succeeding modifications and developments in the amount of items created

    3. Factors Innovation

    Increase in supply or performance of elements of production. It includes the following:

    • Financial- Procurement of capital resources from new supply or new in kind.
    • Labor- finding of labor from new source or in new type; upgrading of an existing labor.
    • Material-Procurement of old product from brand-new resource or usage of brand-new material.

    4. Production Innovation

    Modification or Adjustments in the manufacturing procedure or process. Includes:

    • Technological - introducing of brand-new production methods. Worth addition to an already existing product.
    • Organizational - adjustment of type or structure or connections among people.

    5. Market Innovation

    Changes in the size or make-up of the marketplace; which includes:

    • Product-production of new item or change in quality or reducing price of an existing product.
    • Market-penetrate in to new marketplace.


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  • Creativity Skills of Entrepreneurs

    Creativity is the capacity to utilize your ability and come up with new solutions to problems. If you believe it can be done then you will find a means to find solution to problems. Creativity also enables to create new things. Creativity skill is very essential to be successful in any task. Creative ideas are useful to produce new products, new marketing methods, and new business decisions.

    Successful entrepreneurs have creativity skill which is the ability to use their insights and come up with latest solutions to their problems. They also get things done in a special way or discover an entirely exceptional approach for common things. They also develop new methods, procedures and rules rather than using the existing standards.


    The ability to use imagination to generate new ideas or produce new things or to come up with better solutions to existing problems.

    Understanding Entrepreneurs Creativity

    As an entrepreneur you can take the following key points concerning creativity.
    Creativity is concerned with:

    • Coming up with new product development

    • Discovering new ways of doing things

    • Exposing yourself with intelligent ideas

    • Finding varied approaches for usual things

    • Generating new and original ideas

    • Getting things done in a different way

    • Listening and concentrating while discussing

    • Marketing new products to new areas

    • Receiving new and good ideas

    • Talking to others to get new ideas

    • The ability to be full of inventiveness

    • The ability to be clever enough

    • The ability to do your tasks better

    Therefore, by realizing the above creativity points you can better understand creativity and then increase your entrepreneurial skill.

    Developing Entrepreneurs Creativity

    As an entrepreneur you can develop creativity skill by:

    • Coming up with solutions to problems

    • Connecting related and unrelated ideas

    • Developing clear mental pictures

    • Developing new methods

    • Having great visualization skill

    • Improving what you do every time

    • Inventing and searching original resources

    • Performing more of what you do

    • Widening your imaginative ability

    • Writing your ideas before it disappear

    Therefore, by using the above and other related methods you can develop creativity skill and then increase your entrepreneurial skill.

    Quote on Creativity

    As competition intensifies the need for creative thinking increases. It is no longer enough to do the same thing better... no longer enough to be efficient and solve problems. Far more is needed. Now business has to keep up with changes... And that requires creativity. That means creativity both at a strategic level and also on the front line, to accompany the shift that competitive business demands... from administration to true entrepreneurship. Edward de Bono


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  • Entrepreneurs are Self- Starter

    Entrepreneurs know that if something needs to be done, they start it themselves. They set guidelines and make sure that the task should follow that path. Entrepreneurs do not wait for good conditions to start with rather they make conditions good by self starting.

    An individual with the initiative and motivation to start and work without needing assistance or supervision.

    Understanding Self- Starter
    As a Self-Starter you are:
    • Practical and realistic person
    • Not waiting to get permission to do your job
    • Not waiting guidance from somebody else
    • Energetic person to start with passion
    • Ready for actions and achievement
    • Having initiative and motivation to work
    • Not in need help or supervision

    Tip on Self-Starter
    If you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.

    Quote on Self-Starter
    What is not started will never get finished.

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  • Overview of Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are Inventors and Innovators 
    Entrepreneurs are individuals who change the world through invention and innovation. Invention and innovation make new or existing things with added value where there are potential markets. Entrepreneurs change problems and risks in to opportunities and final products. They also have the abilities to overcome difficulties that would hamper many people.

    Entrepreneurs are Visionary 
    True entrepreneurs are visionary who have big dream. Their dreams come true because they strive day and night to make it a reality. The big dream is a driving force which makes entrepreneurs energetic. Being full of energy is the major resource which makes entrepreneurs successful.

    Entrepreneurs know how to make profit 
    Entrepreneurs make profit which comes from money-making ventures. Profit is one of the major goals for the establishment of businesses. It is the driving force for the survival of ventures. Entrepreneurs know how to make profit. The money generated through profit does all the successive works for the entrepreneurs. They create more business, use more staff and increase the overall activity of the business by generating profit.

    Entrepreneurs need Various Qualities
    Entrepreneurs handle different types of businesses right from the beginning. They start and run their own business from nothing. To be an entrepreneur it requires various qualities and a deep knowledge base. Manager, who manages some activities of the company, board of director, who is with a higher responsibility in a venture, or a gambler, who takes high risk, are not entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurs use Opportunities
    Entrepreneurs discover new opportunities or more opportunities in the existing business. They recognize needs and wants and get together the essential inputs like capital, manpower and materials to suit that needs and wants. Thus entrepreneurs are creators and managers of new business or get innovative ideas in the existing business. Entrepreneurs also foresee future circumstances, vision and have strong confidence in their planned venture.

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