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  • Entrepreneur


    An entrepreneur is someone who organizes, operates and takes the risks of business ventures. To be a successful  entrepreneur below listed qualities are necessary.  Let us look at  them.
    A successful  entrepreneur is an individual who
    • Develops a new business
    • Runs an organization
    • Takes calculated risk
    • Maximizes potential of  business
    • Is able to recognize opportunities
    • Is innovative enough
    • Creates  new products and services
    • Improves current products and services
    • Is  well disciplined
    • Has self confidence
    • Is open minded
    • Is competitive enough
    • Has determination
    • Has communication skill
    • Good human relation ability
    • Is hard worker
    • Works with passion
    • Is  visionary to see the end
    • Has motivation to do any activities
    • Time  management skill
    There fore you need to develop the above qualities  to be successful in your business venture.


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  • Entrepreneurs are Open-Minded


    Entrepreneurs understand that every circumstances and situations are business opportunity. These business opportunities will lead to constant flow of business Ideas. They utilize these ideas to improve overall business activities. They are always finding new ways through reading and researching to make the business better. Entrepreneurs are open to change. They always adjust themselves to the changing or new situations.


     The ability to be ready to entertain new ideas

    Understanding Open-Minded

    You are open-minded if you:
    • Accept new suggestions, comments and questions
    • Are able to look and recognize your environment
    • Are always in search of new ideas and innovation
    • Are familiar with your surrounding
    • Are full of motivation and flexible enough
    • Are open to learn new  and more skills
    • Have broad looking perspective
    • Have flexible mind adaptable to various situations
    • Make decisions based on sufficient knowledge
    • Ready to consider and receive new ideas

    Developing Open-Mind

    You can develop Open-Mind skill if you:
    • Are able to observe, read and listen
    • Gather and utilize suggestions from :Ready to accept new ideas
      • Employees
      • Family
      • Friends
      • Suppliers
      • Competitors
    • Include better ideas into your business dealings
    • Include better ideas into your personal dealings
    • Seek new experiences and adventures
    •  Search  new idea    from:
      • Books
      • Magazines
      • Videos
      • Audiotapes
      • Newsletters
      • Trade literature
      • The Internet
      • Meetings
      • Seminars
      • Courses
    • Guard yourself against being unchangeable
    • Open to change yourself and the business
    • Allow ideas simply to pass through
    • Adapt to latest technology and information
    • Are able to sense and gather opportunities


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  • Developing Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

    When we are dealing about developing characteristics of entrepreneurs it is concerned about learning the entrepreneurs’ traits. By developing we can implant these qualities in our day to day usage and boost our business.

    Developing characteristics of entrepreneurs refers to:

    • Learning to bounce back from failure
    • Recognizing failure as temporary obstacle
    • Realizing failure as opportunity to do better
    • Knowing failure as chance to learn better
    • Having the ability not to loss enthusiasm
    • Having the willingness to share power
    • Having high level of need for achievement
    • Having the ability not to easily discouraged
    • Having ability to cope up with uncertainty
    • Building the ability to listen to criticism
    • Understanding finances and technology
    • Developing the ability to take risk
    • Being honest, trustworthy, and committed
    • Knowing reasons to be entrepreneurs

    You can develop the characteristics of entrepreneurs by being around a business operated by parents and mentors. You can also get support from spouse, children, and family and experienced business people to develop the qualities. Once you start your activities make sure you have to remain at it until you reach your ultimate goal.

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  • Ethiopian Takes Delivery of Ninth B787 Dubbed Great Wall of China

    Ethiopian Airlines, the largest airline in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has received its ninth 787 Dreamliner, dubbed "Great Wall of China", on 3 August 2014.

    Ethiopian, an aircraft technology leader in Africa, was the first outside Japan to receive the ultramodern aircraft back in August 2012 and currently operates the largest 787 fleet in the continent.

    "For almost seven decades, Ethiopian has been playing a pioneering role in African aviation by providing its esteemed customers the most technologically advanced aircraft the industry has to offer. The 787 is our core fleet on our fast expanding mid and long range routes. In China alone, we operate this aircraft in our daily flights to Beijing in combination with the 777, Shanghai and now to Hong Kong with the delivery of this 9th 787. In addition to China, Ethiopian 787 flies to India, Europe, the US, Brazil and Africa. Going forward, we will continue to expand our 787 destinations with the aim of providing to our esteemed customers the ultimate on-board comfort", said Tewolde Gebremariam, Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines Group.

    Ethiopian 787 offers unique features, which enhance passenger comfort such as greatly reduced noise, higher cabin humidity, biggest windows in the sky, lighting adaptable to the outside environment, wider aisles, more headroom and more seating flexibility.

    Ethiopian is a Pan-African global carrier with the youngest fleet in the continent with an average age of less than 7 years and currently serves 82 international destinations across 5 continents with over 200 daily departures.

    source: ethiopianairlines.com

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